Impact Reporting

Operations Assessment

Exploring the impact of your practices.

Outcomes Assessment

Exploring impact intentions and outcomes.

Our Commitment to Data Privacy and Fair Practice
We recognize that our position as stewards of capital and impact data garners us both influence and access to private information. We take that seriously and are committed to using our position for positive change.

We are keenly aware of how data can be and has been used to harm and disenfranchise groups. But conversely, we also see how data can be used as a positive force for change through impact management. Data can be an important tool in creating a more equitable, just and sustainable society. We believe in honest, transparent engagement with Indigenous people and other marginalized communities to ensure agreement with our use of the data. Several of our employees have completed the First Nations Principles of OCAP and where applicable, we work to comply with these principles.

If you have concerns about sharing data or about our intended or actual use of  data, please reach out and we will discuss appropriate accommodations.

Your completed assessments are used appropriately.
If your fund is closed, your assessments are used to generate portfolio reporting for our clients invested in your fund. If you are raising, your data is also used as part of our assessment in our due diligence process for any prospective investors, but it is not shared directly with investors. We will never publicly share your fund’s data or the results of the assessments. Our impact measurement system does not currently collect data about individuals; we only collect aggregated data at an investment level. We may anonymize and aggregate impact data to provide general commentary about the state of the impact industry or specific impact areas, to advance the field generally.