Impact Funds


We manage two impact funds: Rally Total Impact Fund (RTIF) and Rally Global Equities Impact Fund (RGEIF). Both are open-end funds, available for purchase by accredited investors only. Through our joint venture Realize Capital Partners, we manage Realize Fund I; more information about that fund can be found on the Realize Capital Partners website.


  • Dual Mandate, Impact and Returns: The funds seek high impact by targeting investments that contribute measurable and material positive outcomes for society and the environment. With these funds we first identify high-impact opportunities that contribute to realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), then apply traditional fundamental analysis and due diligence to select investments in order to optimize the portfolio’s impact and risk-adjusted returns.
  • Strategies: Negative screening (ex, fossil free), positive screening, thematic investing, ESG integration, shareholder engagement, impact investing.
  • Themes: Addressing Climate Change, Preserving and Restoring Natural Capital, Sustainably Meeting Basic Needs, Advancing Social Equity.
  • Global Exposure: Invested across global markets to generate impact that tackles critical global issues.
  • Concentrated Approach: Invested exclusively in Rally’s highest conviction impact investment ideas.
  • Active Strategy: We take an active role in security selection and in engaging with the fund’s companies.
  • Impact Measurement: The funds use our proprietary impact methodology to assess, measure and report on impact.
  • Integrated Portfolio Reporting: On a quarterly basis the fund reports financial and impact performance.
  • Managed by a Highly Experienced Team: Investment Advisor: Rally Assets, Fund Manager: Majestic Asset Management, Administrator: SGGG Fund Services, Auditor: Deloitte LLP


Rally Funds’ Systemic Themes

We’re working to shift systems so that they sustainably meet basic needs, advance social equity, preserve and restore natural capital and address climate change.

Sustainably Meeting Basic Needs

  • In this theme we focus on investments that create a foundation upon which people can build a stable life
  • Targeted Impact: Everyone’s fundamental requirements, like food, water, shelter, health care and education, are met

Advancing Social Equity 

  • In this theme we focus on investments that dismantle the barriers hindering full and equitable participation in society’s economic, social and political spheres
  • Targeted Impact: Due to greater social equity, people are able to fully contribute to and benefit from economic and social progress

Preserving and Restoring Natural Capital 

  • In this theme we seek investments that help to lower demand on natural capital. We seek various positive and transformative shifts across different industries and scales
  • Targeted Impact: With natural capital preserved, the earth’s regenerative capacity is maintained

Addressing Climate Change 

  • In this theme, we seek investments with a direct and strong influence on lowering carbon emissions at different scales
  • Targeted Impact: The economy is resilient and low carbon, thereby addressing climate change

Only accredited investors are eligible to invest in our impact funds.