Statement on Justice



Statement on Justice

The desire for equity and justice is the central motivation for who we are at Rally Assets and the work we do.

We stand firmly opposed to all forms of discrimination and prejudice; in particular, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, country of origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation and age. 

We are guided by the knowledge of the harm that has been done from discrimination and oppression and by the belief that individually and as a society we will all benefit from a just world.

We work to support justice outside Rally, for example when working with investors, engaging with fund managers and making our own investment decisions.

We work to support justice inside Rally when hiring staff and developing team culture. We work to create and maintain an environment that encourages people to be themselves and to express themselves. We strive for an inclusive, equitable, diverse workplace, and a supportive team culture of dignity and respect.

We know the great value that comes from having a team of people with diverse experiences,  perspectives, backgrounds and abilities. Individuals are unique but live within a societal context of structural discrimination and injustice. At Rally we work hard to see the individual and the system that has shaped that individual.

We’re not perfect. As individuals and as a team, we learn and unlearn, reflect and re-learn, to deepen our own understanding and to improve. 

We understand the limits of our influence and understand we stand stronger when we stand together so we harness partnerships to amplify our impact.

Actions towards Justice

Rally is a committed signatory to the:

We engage with fund managers during due diligence and portfolio management when assessing diversity, equity and inclusion in their team, underlying portfolio holdings and operations.

We explicitly invest in companies and funds that support diversity and inclusion. We use third-party data and our own research and analysis to find such companies.