Statement on Justice



Statement on Justice

The desire for equity and justice is the central motivation for who we are at Rally Assets and the work we do.

We stand firmly opposed to all forms of discrimination and prejudice; in particular, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, country of origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation and age.

We are guided by the knowledge of the harm that has been done from discrimination and oppression and by the belief that individually and as a society we will all benefit from a just world.

We work to support justice outside Rally, for example when working with investors, engaging with fund managers and making our own investment decisions.

We work to support justice inside Rally when hiring staff and developing team culture. We work to create and maintain an environment that encourages people to be themselves and to express themselves. We strive for an inclusive, equitable, diverse workplace, and a supportive team culture of dignity and respect.

We know the great value that comes from having a team of people with diverse experiences,  perspectives, backgrounds and abilities. Individuals are unique but live within a societal context of structural discrimination and injustice. At Rally we work hard to see the individual and the system that has shaped that individual.

We’re not perfect. As individuals and as a team, we learn and unlearn, reflect and re-learn, to deepen our own understanding and to improve.

We understand the limits of our influence and understand we stand stronger when we stand together so we harness partnerships to amplify our impact.

Actions towards Justice

Rally has formally committed to meeting:


Our tracking has shown that we are meeting our commitments.

We track our progress on every specific action required, as well as alignment to the spirit of the initiative – as implementation and reporting requirements are sometimes vague. Our internal tracking sheet is regularly shared with the team to prompt discussion and further actions. Ways we are meeting our commitments include:

  • Engaging with private product issuers about equity and diversity within their operations and the operations of the underlying holdings within their funds
  • Investing in products with clear explicit intention to create greater equity and environmental benefit
  • Examining our own operations such as hiring practices and procurement practices and collecting diversity and inclusion data about the team
  • Sharing diversity and inclusion information about investments in our portfolios
  • Ensuring due diligence and portfolio management practices take an equity lens, incorporate climate-related risks and opportunities and incorporate ESG issues
  • Engaging on climate policies and practices directly with private product issuers through proxy voting with public companies
  • Reporting into the PRI

We continue to review our progress towards these commitments and look for ways to enhance our operations in support of justice.


Belonging Pledge

A commitment from investors to discuss racial equity and take actions that advance the practice of investing with a racial equity lens.

SIGNED: 2020

    Black North Initiative

    A commitment to specific operational changes to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive in order to help end anti-Black systemic racis

    SIGNED: 2020

    Canadian Statement on Climate Change

    A commitment by institutional investors to support a transition to a net-zero economy informed by Indigenous perspectives, that supports Indigenous economic opportunities, and encourages business practices that align with the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

    SIGNED: 2021

    Canadian Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

    A commitment by institutional investors to take intentional steps to promote diversity and inclusion across their portfolios and within their organizations

    SIGNED: 2020

    Due Diligence 2.0

    A commitment to make specific shifts in our due diligence process in order to catalyze the movement of capital to BIPOC managers, as a contribution reducing system racial inequalities

    SIGNED: 2020

    Principles for Responsible Investment

    An international initiative to support investors to understand the investment implications of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and incorporate them into their investment and ownership decisions

    SIGNED: 2021

    Recommendation 92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC)’s Calls to Action

    In order to redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of Canadian reconciliation, the TRC made 94 Calls to Action. TRC 92 is for the corporate sector.

    ADOPTED: 2022