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Positively impactful


We help you achieve your financial and impact goals


Client-focused solutions

Our clients trust us to provide innovative solutions to help them create positive social and environmental change. We work with individuals and organizations who would like to fully align their investments with their vision and values.

Corporate and Government

We help corporations, government agencies and investment funds strengthen their long-term impact strategies.

Family office and investment advisors

Rally offers investing solutions designed to create positive impact while earning financial returns to help create the legacy your clients are looking for.

foundations, endowments, pension funds

As someone responsible for an organization that has fiduciary obligations you understand that what you invest in matters. We will help to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your organization’s values and positioned to meet your return and impact objectives. 

Individuals and families

You want to create a positive change in the world – we can help. We will work with you to design customized investment strategies that help you make a difference for generations to come.


“Rally Assets helped us to take our first steps in our impact investing journey. They were able to anticipate questions, concerns, and potential roadblocks – effectively engaging our staff, committees and board so we could get it done.”

Gord Griffiths, Finance Director, Victoria Foundation


A full-service offering


Over the past decade, we have developed an extensive impact investing network, allowing us to find investments that are suited to your needs.

Our job is to make the implementation of your impact investing strategy efficient and effective. Our team of investment professionals will design and manage a portfolio of investment opportunities that are suited for you.

We provide a wide range of impact investing services. We can identify and monitor investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and manage the investments for you. We will work to ensure your smooth transition into impact investing.

Our portfolios comprise the very best impact opportunities and funds from around the world. Our approach considers not only historical performance, but future direction, intentions and strategy, ensuring a sustainable and successful portfolio.


Our investment strategies target both impact and financial performance, designed to meet clients’ passions, preferences, missions and investment needs to meet short and long-term financial goals. We aim to help you find innovative solutions using a diversified pool of resources.


Using our proprietary impact measurement and management framework, we will create a customized reporting system that allows you to see the financial and impact performance of your investments.


We deliver customized research and education to share relevant insights. Our programs and publications will help you deepen your understanding and expertise in impact investing.


Let’s discuss how we can help you align your values with your investments.

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