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We start with you.

We get it: you want your investments to bring about good in the world… but aren’t sure how to actually make that happen. You aren’t alone. At Rally Assets, we start with you, with where you are at. Whatever your level of knowledge of impact investing, however your investment portfolio currently looks, no matter your financial goals and investment timelines, and regardless of governance structure, we can help.

We’ve been helping private and institutional investors for a decade now. You would be hard-pressed to find another investment firm in Canada with the expertise and experience in impact investing that we have. Our deep commitment to impact, and our deep understanding of how to measure and manage it, set us apart.

Show us your values and we’ll show you how to align those values with your investments. Ours will be a powerful partnership; let’s get started today.

We understand

The fiduciary obligations and financial constraints of foundations, endowments and pension funds

We understand

The desires of individuals and families to create a lasting legacy, making a positive difference for generations to come

We understand

The need family offices have to focus on preserving their clients’ wealth

We understand

The opportunities governments and institutions have to strengthen their impact strategies

Our Services

Our clients trust us to provide innovative solutions to help them create positive social and environmental change. We work with individuals and organizations who would like to fully align their investments with their vision and values.

We offer impact advisory services asset management services (impact funds and customized portfolios), and impact measurement services.

Impact advisory services

Asset management services

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We offer:

Impact measurement services

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Even if you aren’t an asset management client, you can still access our impact measurement service. We can measure your portfolio’s impact across all asset classes and help you manage investments to better align with your impact goals.


“Rally Assets helped us to take our first steps in our impact investing journey. They were able to anticipate questions, concerns, and potential roadblocks – effectively engaging our staff, committees and board so we could get it done.”

Gord Griffiths, Finance Director, Victoria Foundation


Let’s discuss how we can help you align your values with your investments.

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