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Our clients trust us to provide innovative solutions to help them create positive social and environmental change.

Research and Education

We deliver customized research and education to share critical insights. Our programs and publications will help you deepen your understanding and expertise in impact investing.

Strategy and Design

We work with you to create an investment approach tailored to your impact goals and financial objectives.

Asset Management

As independent advisors, we source and manage the best investments for your portfolio based on your unique needs.

Evaluation and Reporting

Using our proprietaryimpact measurement framework, we evaluate and report on the financial return and impact performance of your investments.

How We Help

  • We invest in companies and funds whose products, services and operations are contributing to local and global solutions to pressing
    social and environmental challenges.
  • We invest in a broad range of Canadian and Global investments across multiple asset classes using a combination of direct and indirect investment strategies.
  • We consider not only historical performance, but future intentions and strategy.
  • Using a proprietary impact measurement framework aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, every investment is evaluated on both its financial and impact performance.

Who We Work With

We work with individuals and organizations who would like to fully align their investments with their vision and values:

You want to create a positive change in the world – we can help. Whether your interest is focused on the environment, the arts, poverty or vulnerable populations, we will work with you to design customized investment strategies that help you make a difference for generations to come.

Strategy & Portfolio Design

Our team will develop a customized strategy that aligns your impact goals with your financial objectives. We listen carefully and support you with trusted expertise as you embark on your impact investing journey.

Asset Management

Over the past decade, we have developed an extensive impact investing network, allowing us to find investments that are suited to your needs.

Strategic Philanthropy

Our holistic approach to impact investing complements your charitable giving and works to deepen the change you wish to make.

As someone responsible for an  organization that has fiduciary obligations you understand that what you invest in matters. We will help to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your organization’s values and positioned to meet your return and impact objectives. With our expertise in the impact, responsible and sustainable investing sectors, we can help you engage your stakeholders, navigate governance challenges, mitigate risk and increase public trust.

Research and Education

We deliver customized research and education to provide relevant insights. Our programs and publications will help you and your stakeholders deepen your understanding and expertise in impact investing.

Governance and Stakeholder Management

We work with the staff, board, investment committee and other stakeholders, to develop a clear decision-making framework and ensure your impact investing strategy is fully integrated into your organization.

Strategy and Portfolio Design

Whether you are looking to begin by understanding the current impact of your investments or ready to place capital, we will create a strategy aligned with your mission, designed to meet your short and long-term financial goals. We can also help with ESG and impact audits, create impact measurement frameworks, and deliver education and engagement activities to staff and trustees.

Asset Management

Our job is to make the implementation of your impact investing strategy efficient and effective. Our team of investment professionals will design and manage a portfolio of investment opportunities that are suited for you.

Evaluation & Reporting

We provide our clients with a fully integrated impact reporting solution. Using our proprietary impact measurement and management framework, we will report on both the financial and impact performance of your investments.

Rally offers investing solutions designed to create positive impact while earning financial returns to help create the legacy your clients are looking for.

Strategy & Portfolio Design

We understand your clients rely on you to ensure wealth preservation for future generations. Our investment strategies target both impact and financial performance, designed to meet clients’ passions, preferences and investment needs.

Asset Management

Our portfolios comprise the very best impact opportunities and funds from around the world. Using our proprietary impact measurement framework, we will report on both the financial and impact performance of your client’s investment. Our approach considers not only historical performance, but future direction, intentions and strategy, ensuring a sustainable and successful portfolio.

We help corporations, government agencies and investment funds strengthen their long-term impact strategies.

Research and Education

We deliver customized research and education to share our key insights to help you and your stakeholders deepen your understanding and expertise in impact investing.

Strategy and Portfolio Design

Our team will develop an integrated impact strategy that supports your organizational objectives. Our goal is to help you find innovative solutions using a diversified pool of resources.

Asset Management

We provide a wide range of impact investing services. We can identify and monitor investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and manage the investments for you. We will work to ensure your smooth transition into impact investing.

Evaluation & Reporting

Using our proprietary impact measurement and management framework, we will create a customized reporting system that allows you to see how your impact investing activities are creating value for your organization.

What they say

“Rally Assets helped us prepare for a corporate strategy session with our Board. The team was professional, easy to work with, and helped us to crisply articulate and frame our vision and goals. We would recommend them to any organization that is seeking strategic advisory support.”

Jay-Ann Gilfoy Vancity Community Investment Bank

" As a trusted advisor Rally Assets has been instrumental in enabling HCF to achieve our ambition of aligning all of our investments with our mission and vision. We have worked with them throughout this journey, most recently to renew our impact investing strategy and IPS. Their practical and pragmatic approach built on our unique strengths and experience providing key support where needed. We are excited to continue to partner with Rally as we deepen and scale our impact investing activities to create meaningful change in our community and beyond."

Annette Aquin Hamilton Community Foundation

“The team at Rally Assets helped us to take our first steps in our impact investing journey. They have been through the process, and with their in-depth experience were able to anticipate questions, concerns, and potential roadblocks – effectively engaging our staff, committees and board so we could get it done.”

Gord Griffiths Finance Director, Victoria Foundation

Our Unique Approach

We believe that investments in companies with sustainable and impact-oriented businesses offer:


Favourable Returns – Market returns or better over the long term

Lower Risk – Reduced risk of poor execution and exposure to regulatory/policy changes

Lower Volatility – Reduced exposure to harmful inputs and controversies

Long-term Relevance – Lower potential to be disrupted in the future

Higher Quality Execution – Strong corporate culture and diversity of thought lead to higher quality decisions and better outcomes for stakeholders.

At Rally, we work to create a portfolio that will help you to create change in the areas that matter to you.  More broadly we ensure that all of our investment decisions are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We categorize these 17 SDGs into five investible themes designed to encompass and measure impacts across a broad range of economic activities: Meeting Basic Needs, Empowering People, Protecting and Restoring Natural Capital, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, and Social Infrastructure.

To evaluate the impact of our clients’ portfolios, our analysis process is rooted in the five dimensions of impact, developed by the Impact Management Project, a UK non-profit dedicated to building global consensus on how to measure and manage impact. We evaluate the impacts of companies’ operations in addition to the impacts generated by their products and services. We also consider the role of investor capital in influencing outcomes, whether signaling to the market that sustainability matters or providing catalytic capital that enables significant positive change to be achieved.

Our integrated reporting allows our clients to more clearly understand the true impact of their investments, both positive and negative. The insights are designed to inform engagement and asset allocation decisions to activate your capital towards greater positive impact.