For too long, the financial markets have rewarded initiatives that end up causing great harm to people and the planet. As it operates today, the investment sector is exacerbating injustice.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Capital can deliver huge positive outcomes. If it’s invested intentionally to create positive impact alongside a financial return.

That’s why we’re impact investors and why we work to grow the impact investing sector. We know that a strong impact investing sector will influence the wider investment world to become a powerful force for good, resulting in a more sustainable society, with greater prosperity and justice for all. 

Theory of Change

We are confident that:

  • IF we activate capital to support initiatives aligned with justice and with achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
    • THEN in addition to the positive impact our capital has, we will have signalled to the markets that impact matters. This will incentivize companies in the wider investment world to operate in an SDG-aligned manner and will compel investors to value social and environmental factors,
      • WHICH will lead to more equitable and sustainable distribution of capital, bringing greater prosperity and justice for all.

We activate capital by:

Demonstrating the value of impact investing and making it easier and more compelling for people to impact invest and judge the impact of investments. We:

  • Create impact investing solutions and portfolios
  • Measure and report on impact
  • Support new, innovative, diverse fund managers
  • Educate and influence asset owners

How are we doing? Find out in our Impact Check-Up