Realize Capital Partners has been selected as one of just three fund-of-funds managers for the Government of Canada’s Social Finance Fund. Who is Realize Capital Partners? We are!

We created Realize Capital Partners to respond to the Social Finance Fund’s call for impact-led investors that are up to the task of scaling impact capital in Canada. As you know, and thanks to the support of people like you, Rally has been leading this charge since Day 1.

This is a big moment for social finance in Canada and a big moment for Rally.

Realize Capital Partners is a joint venture with Relay Ventures. Relay Venture’s strong track record of top-tier returns and fundraising combined with our impact investing expertise makes Realize Capital Partners a very powerful force. We share an ambition with Relay that we think you share too: to use investing and private capital to meaningfully tackle big inequities in this country and significantly improve lives. Our new joint venture and the Social Finance Fund enables us to realize this ambition.

Game Changer for the Country

The Social Finance Fund is a game changer for Canada. A large investment program that we are confident will accelerate social equity in this country, delivering massively positive initiatives that contribute to gender equity, racial justice, Indigenous reconciliation and sustainable development throughout the villages, towns and cities in Canada. We’re confident the program will diversify and strengthen the social finance sector so that it can be even more impactful well into the future. Through the program’s enhancement and standardization of impact measurement and reporting, this program will help to mainstream impact investing, giving confidence to traditional investors of the value and power of impact investing.

We’re still Rally

As Realize, we are setting up a fund. Realize Fund I will be one of the largest impact funds in Canadian history. In many ways, Realize Fund I is similar to our other two impact funds: a portfolio of positively impactful holdings that is open to investment from qualified investors. We’ll measure and report financial and impact performance to fund unitholders, to stakeholders like you and to the Government. Rally Assets will continue to stay focused on supporting clients to align their capital to their values. In some ways, the Social Finance Fund and Realize Fund I can be thought of as one of our clients. We’re in the process of hiring new staff and are finalizing new investment systems in order to set up Realize Fund I and initiate community-building and sector-building aspects of the program. Being a fund-of-funds manager for the Social Finance Fund will not take away from our time and attention on other clients; instead, it should help to expand the social finance market to create more opportunities for our clients to invest for impact.

Rally is not going away, Rally is getting stronger. Join in, as together we embark on this great new journey to realize the desire we all share to create a more equitable and just Canada.