Impact Measurement Services


Helping you measure the change that matters

Like you, we want our investments to have real positive impacts on the world. We have developed an inclusive impact methodology to measure and assess outcomes across both public and private holdings. We use our methodology to understand and manage the impact of our two impact funds.

With our impact measurement services, you can have that same methodology applied to your investment portfolio — whether you intentionally invested for impact or not. You can use this service even if you aren’t using any of our other services. Knowing where your investments stand is the first step towards taking action to create positive change.

You’ll get a comprehensive impact assessment, in one place, of all your investments, within and across asset classes. Digitized impact data will provide the insights you need to allocate your capital most effectively to promote your values and contribute to the realization of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Pragmatically, the insights we provide will also enable you to engage with fund managers and direct investments in your portfolio about practical measures to improve their impact. Active engagement is an effective way to promote more impactful activities, reduce harmful practices and address risk.

Through intentional allocation of capital and effective engagement, our economy can transform to sustainably serve society, our planet and investors.


Service Specifics

Our impact measurement services enable clients to measure the impact of their investments and integrate impact measurement and management into investment decision-making.

Specific services include:

  • Impact measurement education
  • Impact-informed portfolio evaluation and re-balancing
  • Impact measurement and reporting
  • Customized and standard ESG reporting
  • Creation and implementation of a flexible portfolio-wide impact management framework

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