Impact Investing Guidebook


Guidebook for Foundations

The 2017 Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations and 2019 primer support senior staff and board members of foundations of all types and sizes to begin or deepen their work in impact investment.

They provide answers to common questions, such as:

  • What is Responsible and Impact Investing?
  • Why is it important for foundations?
  • What are other foundations doing about it?
  • How can we begin, advance or improve Impact Investing at our foundation?

We created the Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations in 2017 in collaboration with Community Foundations of Canada and Philanthropic Foundations Canada. We gratefully acknowledge the support and contributions of Employment and Social Development Canada, the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Lucie and Andre Chagnon Foundation, Genus Capital, and Miller Thomson for making the guidebook possible.

In 2019, a primer was created as a follow-up to the guidebook. It builds on the original guidebook and network of support for foundation of all sizes, capacities, and impact commitments to help them along their impact investing journey. The primer was prepared with support from The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, Community Foundations of Canada, Environment Funders Canada, Philanthropic Foundations Canada and SHARE (Shareholder Association for Research & Education).

We would like to thank the many foundation partners who contributed to our research by participating in the associated survey and focus groups.

We want our information to be accessible to everyone. Please let us know if you’d like our information in a different format than we have provided on our website. We’d be happy to work with you to meet your needs. You can contact us through email ( or the telephone (416-861-1717) to make your request.