The State of Social Finance in Canada 


Impatient Readiness: The State of Social Finance in Canada 2021

We were research lead on this collaborative report spearheaded by the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners.

The report is the most comprehensive examination to date of the social finance marketplace, its gaps and opportunities, challenges and successes, primarily from the perspective of those who raise, place, and manage capital to generate positive social and environmental, as well as financial, returns.

The report is an illustration of the development of the social impact investment sector, providing regional and thematic context and insights, and speaks to the successes achieved and challenges being faced by funds and impact investment practitioners in the development of social finance across Canada.

The report reveals the richness of the current impact investment offerings and  provides indicators of what actions can assist in the continued growth of the sector, and the broader application of social finance to address an increasing range of challenges experienced by communities.

The State of Social Finance in Canada serves as a capacity-building tool to guide social finance intermediaries and partners towards the most promising practices, and to highlight – among governments, investors and stakeholders committed to supporting a more sustainable and equitable future – the pivotal role of social finance in advancing an inclusive recovery.

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