Impact Investing Advisory Services

Advice to support understanding and action.

For a decade, we’ve been helping mission-oriented clients across the country better understand the world of impact investing and its opportunities and trends, how to use different forms of capital, and how to implement a strategy to achieve impact.

We work with our clients to understand their goals, build an informed and well-balanced investment approach, and construct the process to translate impact intentions into prudent and informed investment decisions.

Our impact advisory services support our clients’ ability to be a part of the impact investing sector. Our services:

  • Increase clients’ understanding of the diverse, and changing, impact investing sector
  • Support clients to become, or remain, impact investors
  • Guide clients to embed impact into business strategies

Specific services include:

  • Custom research and education
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Impact strategy development
  • The creation of theories of change, investment policies and impact frameworks
  • Governance design
  • Investment product research
  • Consultation regarding sector innovation and collaboration

Customized research

We create customized research – from private market and sector research to public good research designed to educate and stimulate the ‘impact curious’

Strategic advice

We offer strategic advice, including support to develop and refine a theory of change, customized investment strategy and investment policies and practices


We deliver education through public and private workshops, webinars, ‘master classes’ and digital resources, such as our ongoing education program to help foundations, Foundation Investing 2.0


Whether at the board table or kitchen table, we excel in stakeholder management and engagement to ensure alignment and delivery of results. Our strong knowledge of governance and fiduciary obligations is essential in guiding families, investment committees, boards and staff.

Implementation Support

Depending on what services you currently have, you may not require an impact investment manager (as our investment management clients do). We work with these clients as their impact expert to source and research impact investments, support their operations and committees, and report on impact.

An experienced team

We have worked with over 100 clients specifically on impact advisory services. Our clients are of various sizes with varying levels of staffing and at different stages in their impact journeys. We have also worked with government agencies in their various approaches to support social innovation and social finance in Canada.

Our team brings capabilities across the full spectrum of responsible and impact investment, including ESG integration, thematic approaches, impact and direct investments.

An advisory process that is client centric and adaptable

Advisory Process

  1. Discover your needs or the needs of your organization – impact goals, financial parameters, governance. For example:
  • How much of your portfolio do you wish to have in impact investments?
  • How specific (thematic) do you want your impact to be?
  • Are you looking for public investments or private investments?
  1. Design an impact investing strategy that meets your needs
  2. Deploy investments with regular reporting and oversight
  3. Deepen review, evaluate and recommend changes

The end result: flexible choices to achieve genuine impact and returns aligned with your objectives.