New impact options from Rally


New impact options from Rally

July 13, 2020

For a decade now, we’ve been advising and helping clients to find great impact investment products that help them invest in alignment with their values, using capital to create positive social and environmental impact and deliver financial returns.

Today, we’ve launched our own such products to provide access to impact alternatives for any accredited investor. Say hello to:

  • Rally Total Impact Fund. This fund is unique: It is a Canadian impact fund that is global and multi-asset class, consisting of public and private investments. We’re grateful to have worked closely with HighView Financial Group over the past two years to design this fund. Highview is a seed investor in the fund.

We created these impact funds to respond to client demand and close a gap in the market:

“Over the last decade of working with aspiring impact investors, I’ve seen consistent interest in a multi-asset class impact fund. The holy grail! Investors want the deep impact of private markets but also want liquidity and ease and simplicity of managing their portfolios. I am thrilled that we can now provide this solution to investors to unlock more capital for impact. These funds give us more options to offer clients, in addition to the customized portfolios we have always built.”
– Kelly Gauthier, Managing Director and Partner

“The launch of our funds is a truly transformational moment as we expand our service offerings to make authentic impact investing accessible to a much larger audience of Canadian investors.
– Marc Foran, Chief Investment Officer

“Three years ago, we realized we needed better investment alternatives and multi-asset solutions if we were serious about mobilizing more capital for impact. Our clients needed a credible trustworthy partner who could help them, not just with understanding, evaluating and implementing impact, but with actually investing their capital across all asset classes. So we embarked on an uncertain journey that today has paid off after a significant investment and a herculean effort by our dedicated team. I am so proud that we have taken this significant step while staying true to our roots and commitment to genuine impact.”
– Upkar Arora, CEO