Impact Assessment Methodology

We don’t have a view of impact. Impact is the view.

All Rally Assets we view investment opportunities through the perspective, or ‘lens’, of impact. With our impact lens we see clearly how well companies are supporting positive environmental and social impact.

Rally Inclusive Impact Methodology

When we think about impact, we think about it in a comprehensive way. We dig deep and wide to understand impact. While some impact data is still hard to come by, and we are continuously improving, we believe our methodology is the most comprehensive in use in Canada.

This comprehensiveness is a reflection of our team’s genuine commitment to fully measuring impact so that capital can be shifted into truly impactful companies to bring about a shift in the economy, and the world, towards social and environmental sustainability.

The comprehensiveness can be seen in:

  • The use of numerous sources to examine a company’s impact
  • Our wide definition of impact, considering positive and negative effects in not only what a company sells but how it operates
  • Our ability to provide a total portfolio view of impact, across and within all asset classes

Through our assessm­ent, we conclude how well a company is aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and whether investment in that company will help to create the economic shift towards sustainable development.

Numerous Insights

With our methodology, we are able to gain many insights into impact, including:

  • Revenue and operational alignment and misalignment to the UN SDGs
  • Analysis of the most and least SDG-aligned companies across both revenue and operations
  • The momentum of companies towards greater or worse alignment with the SDGs
  • Impact risks
  • The role of investor capital

Our fundamental analysis contributes added depth to the assessment within our two impact funds. For example, we consider our impact fund companies in terms of transformation —  their intentionality and capacity to transform operations and offerings towards greater alignment with the SDGs.


Our work builds on the Impact Management Project, which is a global, collaborative effort to reach consensus on how to measure impact. We’re pleased to be helping to develop a global consensus.


Contact us to learn more about how we find, measure and manage impact.

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