beliefs and methods



Positive impact can go hand in hand with attractive financial returns


Impact investing is going mainstream

  • Investors are increasingly demanding more impact from their investments 
  • Institutional investors increasingly consider impact as a fiduciary duty

Companies with impactful businesses have:

  • Favourable returns. Market return or greater over the long term
  • Lower risk. Reduced risk of poor execution and exposure to policy change
  • Lower volatility. Reduced exposure to harmful inputs and controversies
  • Lower financing costs. Reduced cost of capital


Investment Philisophy

  • Impact investing can achieve market rates of return or better over the long term
  • Active management can enhance impact, reduce risk and drive higher returns
  • Rigorous fundamental analysis is needed to uncover the best investments and avoids greenwashing
  • A global multi-asset class strategy can help to optimize a portfolio’s impact while achieving a targeted risk-adjusted return

OUR methods

provoking the market

Call us provocative, please

At Rally we are provoking the market to act in a manner consistent with achieving the SDGs. We provoke change in several ways.

Growing the capital pool

Growing the capital pool available to under-subscribed, impact-aligned assets through strategies focused on under-resourced sectors poised for growth due to shifts in socio-political demand, and/or focused on high impact, high risk solutions to achieving the SDGs

Engaging actively

Engaging actively with fund managers, and indirectly, with underlying assets, on material ESG issues that relate to product, service or operations


Partnering to build the field of impact investing to develop data-driven tools, resources and standards and to develop and support new impact investing solutions

Providing flexible capital

Providing flexible capital to enable catalytic, high-impact, high-risk, or small-scale solutions to be developed and brought to market


Allocating capital to signal to the market that impact is important, by directing capital to investments that have impact-aligned business models and operations, or that have committed to strategies that lever existing operations and expertise to develop SDG-aligned businesses

Managing impact

Managing impact to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of impact generation, minimize negative outcomes and optimize impact creation within financial return and risk factors


Publishing impact asset management analysis, observations and experience and participating in speaking engagements and panels to advocate for the field of impact investing


We worked with Rally Assets on our Impact Investment Strategy for the Indigenous Growth Fund. They helped us understand the market, landscape of funders in the Indigenous economy, and strategy development. The team was very knowledgeable and we really enjoyed working with them.

Frank Richter, NACCA (the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association)

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